Fields of research


•    Theory and practice of multiculturalism
•    Phenomena and processes of assimilation, acculturation, and adaptation of immigrant groups in host societies
•    Integration processes in culturally diverse societies
•    Migration policy of European states
•    Migration policy of the European Union
•    National and ethnic minorities in Europe
•    National and ethnic minorities in Poland
•    Panethnicity in the USA
•    Romani people in Poland and Europe

Governance of multicultural societies:

•    Types of ethnic and racial pluralism
•    Ethnic and racial diversity in nation-building processes in the USA, Brasil, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom
•    Multiculturalism  in the USA, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom
•    Multiculturalism management as exemplified by Nordic countries
•    Polish-Irish relations in the United States. The evolution of ethnic nationalism
•    British-Irish relations: contemporary and historical perspective
•    Relations between ethnic minority: the case of Polish Romani people
•    Ethno-political conflicts in Europe

Intercultural communication:

•    Theory and practice of intercultural communication
•    Interpretation of cultures
•    Reception of Latin American literature in Poland  
•    Elements of visual anthropology in intercultural communication
•    High culture and popular culture in intercultural communication
•    The role of ludic element in intercultural communication research