Research activities

The academic staff of the institute focus on the following fields of research:


  1. Cultural diversity and ethnic relations in contemporary world. The diversity is a starting point for the analysis of processes occurring when two or more cultures meet each other, including the factors and circumstances contributing to the positive and negative effects of these contacts. Identifying elements stimulating and impeding contacts between people of different cultural backgrounds can be used both in theory, e.g. to construct models of intercultural communication, and in practice, to interpret cultural phenomena.
  2. Integration and disintegration processes that occur in different cultural spaces. Special attention is paid to the Nordic countries, Brazil, the USA, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. By studying these cases, the scholars develop  specialist knowledge about the nature of social, cultural, political, international, and interethnic phenomena of the modern world.
  3. The contemporary popular culture, its products, role and various aspects in different parts of the world. By analyzing the selected elements of popular culture, from film, through subcultures, to contemporary Polish and European folklore, it is possible to better understand the contemporary cultural processes and the mechanisms that shape people's identities.


The research interests listed above are reflected in the content of the publications by the Institute staff.